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EZ Chicken Coop is EZ

We love our EZ Chicken coop for 15 hens. Delivery was a breeze. The assembly was not complicated but the screws were placed upside down on the back panel making everything a little off. After we figured out that the back was upside down and we took it apart and replaced the back panel properly--Presto! It fit like a charm.

So easy a child could assemble

Oh my gosh! I love this coop! It was so easy to put together it blew my mind!

Well built

Happy to have a good quality structure. Leveling it has taken some time in order to put the roof on straight, well see. I've modified it to accommodate the run, am continuing with little changes. Hope it lasts for years to come!

chicken coop

The girls absolutely love their new home.
It was easy to put together. My only suggestion would be, maybe to add some kind of a tab on bottom to anchor it to the ground. We put garden stakes around it just in case. It can get pretty windy here.

So Happy!

Love, love my new coop! So do my Chickens! So many great details! Went together so easy, just like they said‼️The people were so Nice to deal with!

Looks nice

My first impression of this coop is that its looking pretty solid. It traveled well in shipping luckily. Assembly took 4 of us around 30 min. The issues I had with it are the awful silicone job that doesn't actually fill any gaps, its somehow globbed on without actually filling anything and its pretty consistent across the whole coop, I will have to fix it, 2 of the door handles were not adjusted correctly and they needed to be removed and reinstalled to lock and prop open properly, and the 2 vents were only attached with one small drop of glue and they were not attached anymore upon arrival. These are all relatively small issues that I'm capable of fixing but still something that bothers me with such a hefty price tag. Overall my birds seem to be enjoying it

Super Easy to Put Together

This was amazingly easy to put together. It definitely won't hold ten full-size chickens (maybe ten bantams), but it fits my flock of four nicely with room to add a couple more in the spring.


This was super easy to put together, well worth the financial investment!

Best value for your money

Made a mistake buying a "tractor" coop. It was made with grade c lumber and fell apart quickly. This coop is made from quality plastics. Easy to put together and is so much easier to clean and maintain. LOVE IT. So do my hens.

I really like your product.

I mistakenly ordered 2 instead of 1, How can i return the unopened one ?i

Worth it

The Chicken coop was easy to assemble and instructions are great. No tools needed. I will say to put the top together in pieces on base as the full top won't snap. The coop was as advertised and the ducks and chickens love it.

Awesome Coop

This is the best coop we have ever bought hands down!

A castle for my chickens

It is perfect my husband built a pedestal for it and it looks just like a castle sitting there we are waiting for warmer weather to move the chicks in but I'm sure they'll love it.May have to order a second one for the grand chicks!! Thank you for the prompt delivery!!I Will send a pic later.

Shipping Carrier issues

We had an issue with the shipping carrier but, Marcus got it rectified quickly and we got our coop. It took me about 2 hours to assemble it. It would have been faster, had I had a second person and read the instructions first, ( yeah, I'm that guy). Quality craftsmanship. I would recommend this to anyone.

Happy with end result.looks good.

The nesting box latch is out of alignment. Minor problem. Biggest problem was both roof panels were the same instead of opposing. Had to remove the metal edges and reverse.

Quick shipping

Quick shipping and easy to put together! Wife and grand kids love it!

Best bang for your buck!

I bought a small coop for my illegal chickens two years ago and thought I sealed it well. It rotted apart. Just bought this one and used marine varnish spar polyurethane inside and out. Very well built. I wish I had seen this one first years ago.

Not exactly what I expected

This cool is all right it is definitely sturdy and all but it was annoying to put together. The instructions aren’t great. The latches aren’t super secure so I would suggest putting new ones on to better lock up your chickens safely. Also the door on ours was not cut properly and is a pain to open and close. So we will have to fix that as well as having had to change the locks. Also there are two spots with little gaps we will have to close up in time for winter, not sure if that was a flaw in our personal coop or the design. All in all this is an all right purchase if you’re willing to modify a bit. I wasn’t expecting to need to so I’m a bit annoyed and putting it together was frustrating so that’s where my rating comes from. It is sturdy though so that’s always good!

Snap Lock™ Regular Chicken Coop (up to 5 chickens)

OverEZ® Medium Chicken Coop Kit (up to 10 chickens)

Great quality!

This is my second OverEZ Chicken Coop Kit. It is easy to assemble and is the most sturdy coop I have ever bought! We love it and will never buy anything else.

My chickens are loving their new chicken coop!!!

Heavy and sturdy, could use some design improvements

I spent about two weeks repainting the coop (I wanted a different color) and redoing some things like the caulk and the nest box lid (which was skewed) but overall a good sturdy coop. I'd have put the window latches on the outside so I don't have to climb into the coop to open/close the windows, and I'm going to add more ventilation, as well as flipping the perches horizontal for my large-breed chickens.

Chicken coop

Great product! Would enjoy more vents, perhaps with interior screens. It is important to monitor inside temperature as it seems to absorb heat although under shade, in a covered run.