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Chicken Coop Customer Reviews

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Great Chicken Coop

The chickens and ducks love their new coop and go in it every night and hang out in it with the doors open during the day. Only thing was when we were putting it together the side with the big door the wall was longer than the other side so it was a little struggle to get it put together. But we did get it.

OverEZ® Medium Chicken Coop Kit (up to 10 chickens)

Awesome sturdy coop!!

I wanted to give it 5 stars but it was difficult for my son and me to put together. No matter what we did many of the screws stripped and in the end we had to get a new drill bit and more screws. It took us hours because of that. One of the support beams for the legs was left unpainted on one side and in spite of being level all around there is a one inch gap in the front below the lid for the nesting boxes. I plan on filling it with a hardening putty and painting it. Having said all that I still love it and more importantly so do my hens! All 17 of them! I just installed the electrical/ heat package you sell and I highly recommend it!!!

Very torn so giving it 3 stars

Let me start off by saying that their customer service is Fabulous. The first chicken coop had some damage that appeared to happen during shipping so no fault of the company. Customer service responded to my email within 5 minutes! They were very helpful and sent a new base to replace the damaged one. The replacement base came in with a badly bowed base board. This is one of two boards on which the entire coop balances. From the way it was painted, it appears that it was bowed when it was assembled. Another board was damaged in shipping. Maybe it was the shipping company, but the entire base was just sat on top of a pallet (that lacked most of the cross boards) with no protection. I reached back out to the company. They seemed concerned but have not heard anything else back other than sorry. I pieced together the two bases that I now had to make one good one. I will say that the coop itself was easy to assemble after that, and it is very cute.

OverEZ® Medium Chicken Coop Kit (up to 10 chickens)

Great looking coop

Just got it unwrapped and preparing site now. See no problem with setting up and will work great for the girls

Home for my chickens

I’m very pleased with the workmanship of the coop

Family Loves

Just a beautiful coop! My mother just loves the new coop! Thank you for assisting us in building family memories!

Perfect for up to 4 chickens

I have 4 bantams and this coop is perfect for them. I wish it had one more roosting bar as the one included is just right off the tray level but it would be fairly easy to add one if I had enough motivation to do so :) Very happy with this little coop and very happy with the price!


Very fast shipping. Easy to assemble, Very well made, Chickens seem very comfortable. Thanks again.

Wish it had a ramp

I love the little hutch. Only improvement I had to make myself was to make a little ramp for my chickens. wasn't a big deal at all but I just wish it would have come with the hutch in the first place.

Awesome coop

I have 3 chickens and this coop works perfectly. I think any more than 4 or 5 chickens would be too much but like I said it's perfect for the three ladies that I have.

Love the blue!!!

I fell in love with this coop right away when I saw it. It's even better in person. The baby blue is adorable and looks so cute in my yard. I've gotten several compliments!!!

Gorgeous cage

I know this site is all about chickens and coops, but I use this hutch for my rabbits and it works well. I found it by accident and fell in love with it immediately. Set up takes about 20 minutes and it seems very sturdy and strong. Will definitely be sharing this product page with my facebook group.

great little hutch

I got this hutch as a temporary home for my 2 chickens but have ended up keeping them in it for a few months because they seem happy and content. I have it set up in my yard and leave the door open during the day and let them wander and put them to bed at night. Works very well.


Great coop. I actually like the color more in person than on the website. The coop is obviously a bit cheaper in quality than one you would build yourself but with wood being the prices they are right now, I doubt you could build one this nice for this price. Assembly was easy but did take a couple of hours. My chicks took right to it, now it's time to wait for them to start laying eggs for me.

Perfect for a beginner like me

This is my first time raising chickens. I didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on a coop before I knew that I wanted to keep up with it. This coop has been perfect for me. It was super easy to assemble and it's lightweight so I can move it around my yard as needed. I would suggest maybe anchoring it to the ground to keep your chickens safer but other than that, I have no complaints. It's been perfect for my needs.

Solid coop

I really like the design, and it was pretty easy to put together. Had a bit of trouble getting the roof halves to line up correctly though. My only thought would be to have an unpainted one available for a bit less $. I wouldn’t have gone with red if given the choice :)

I also bought the screen panels to attach below the coop. I wish the return policy was longer than 30 days- I ended up not needing them, but was just over the 30 days since they were shipped sooner than the coop :/

Awesome Product

We and our chickens absolutely love the protection it provides from the weather and the sun!

New Coop!

It's great. Looks just like the picture and putting it together was as easy as said. Good product. My order was missing the heat lamp package, but when I called about it customer service was friendly and fast to get my missing item to me. I would recommend this Coop to any one. Neighbors even commented on how cute it is. Thanks for the great service.

Best coop made!!!

I'm so blown away by the construction of this coop!! I knew it'd be nice at this price point, but it's even nicer than I could've ever imagined! If I could rate it more stars I would, I love this little thing and everyone who visits wants ones!! :)

Great product, worth the money. The only reason it didn’t get five stars is that it didn’t ship when the website said it would (2-3 days). It took over a week.

Coop and company!

Not only is the coop excellent the service from Chicken Coop HQ was too! We had a bit of an unexpected issue with our order that was resolved in such a polite, professional and personal manner. directly with the owner of the company! I have rarely been privileged to this level of respect, compassion and efficiency from an online company. As far as the coop- it is beautiful! Easy to put together and sturdy. I highly recommend this coop and this company! We will always look here first for all of our chicken products.

Strong Yet Attractive

The coop is very well built. The pieces slide together and you just screw it into the base and to each other. It's very easy to assemble, especially with a second or third person helping. I love the red & white color as it compliments any landscape well.

All around a great product

Set up was a bit of a pain for a non-handyman like myself, but now that it's set up I can't say anything but good about it. Very well-made and overall smart design.