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A bit smaller than expected

I like the coop just fine but it is a bit smaller than I was expecting. I wish I had gone with the trixie duplex coop instead. The quality seems good enough and my chickens took to the new coop quickly.

Perfect for my small flock

Perfect for my small flock of 4 hens. Plenty of room for the chickens to perch, lay eggs and just wander in my yard. I love that the pen is optional as well. Very well built and affordable.

3 stars

I rated it 3 stars because when putting it together the directions are not the best. It was fairly easy once you start building it though. Another complaint was the wood seemed a bit cheap and was chipped so I had to use a few extra screws to keep it together. Overall I like the concept of the coop house, and how you can lift the roof to look inside is pretty cool

Perfect Layout

The layout of this coop is perfect. Cleaning it is a breeze because of the nice, big doors & there seems to be great airflow. I'm really happy with my decision to get this coop.

Happy with my purchase

I wouldn't recommend getting this coop all by itself but with the optional run it's awesome. It is way more roomy than it looks and comfortably fits 10 chickens, more if you need to. It's a simple design but the nesting boxes are easily accessible from the back so you don't have to go through the chicken run to get to them. I highly recommend this coop.

Good but small

I only have a couple chickens so I don't regret getting this coop but just know that it is quite small. Install was quick & easy and it does the job.

Great Service, thanks!

Fast shipping, plus all the pieces came in shape with no broken pieces. It was easy to build and only took me about half an hour. Looks great!