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Looks nice

My first impression of this coop is that its looking pretty solid. It traveled well in shipping luckily. Assembly took 4 of us around 30 min. The issues I had with it are the awful silicone job that doesn't actually fill any gaps, its somehow glossed without actually filling anything and its pretty consistent across the whole coop, I will have to fix it, 2 of the door handles were not adjusted correctly and they needed to be removed and reinstalled to lock and prop open properly, and the 2 vents were only attached with one small drop of glue and they were not attached anymore upon arrival. These are all relatively small issues that I'm capable of fixing but still something that bothers me with such a hefty price tag. Overall my birds seem to be enjoying it and I think its looking promising.

We have not received it yet!

end product works with adjustments

Shipping: Shipping was smooth with no issues. Very good communication with shipping company.
Shipped Product: Bent and stripped nest lid handle that attaches to front of the coup. Random drill holes in the side wall and rear wall. Multiple drill holes not filled near small door handle that holds it open.
Assembly: When complete, the product was not water tight, roof did not line up correctly. Caulking was inconsistent. Additional caulking was need to make water tight. Pre-drilled hole with screws were not in the correct location for the roof (this was not an issue with assembly, the screws and pre-drilled holes were off nearly 2 inches).
Final Product: Final product works after adjustment of screw connection points, additional caulking to reduce water entry, and filling random holes.
Recommendation: I would still recommend this product because it's a good concept but does need better quality control, especially with the price paid for the product.

My Girls Love it!

Excellent chicken coop, my children love living in it.

Would give 4 stars if the screws didn't

Simple instructions and good quality. The screws that are provided with this strip out and are horrible. Just use a-25 deck screws 4 in Long and it goes together perfect

Chicken Barn - Rugged Ranch

Quality seems appropriate for the purpose. I did find the assembly instructions poorly prepared. No instructions provided other than pictures; thus, assembly initially occurred by placing panels in the wrong sides. One of the roof panels arrived warped in the center by several inches. Not sure how this was possible due to the packing? Delivery was very efficient as the truck driver offered to lower the coop to the ground. Once constructed, the coop seems very sound and weather resistant. Time will prove it's actual worth.

I have not opened the box yet

Fantastic Coop!!!

A bit challenging to assemble, but the sturdiness of this coop is truly astounding!! It's an heirloom quality coop that I'll be passing down to the next generation, I'm VERY impressed with it!

With everything delayed in our world we haven't used it yet. We covered it with a tarp til spring. We can't wait to see how it is in the spring. We do wish you sold a wrap around or something to use around the panels to keep the snow out. Again, we used tarps to help keep the snow out. We use it for our miniature poodle...and love it.
Darlene Marquis

Great for Small Yards

Great customer service from Margaret. The coop fits well in my yard, which is on the smaller side. The integrated run is especially nice as I work during the day but still want to let my chickens out. It keeps them nice and safe and happy.

5 stars

I really like this coop it only took a hour to put together our chicks really like it too.

Beautiful coop

I love the barn-like look of this chicken coop. It looks great in a country setting. My ladies had no trouble adjusting to their new home. Only took about an hour to assemble.

Still waiting on the electric heater to be delivered

Great Chicken Coop

The chickens and ducks love their new coop and go in it every night and hang out in it with the doors open during the day. Only thing was when we were putting it together the side with the big door the wall was longer than the other side so it was a little struggle to get it put together. But we did get it.

OverEZ® Medium Chicken Coop Kit (up to 10 chickens)

Awesome sturdy coop!!

I wanted to give it 5 stars but it was difficult for my son and me to put together. No matter what we did many of the screws stripped and in the end we had to get a new drill bit and more screws. It took us hours because of that. One of the support beams for the legs was left unpainted on one side and in spite of being level all around there is a one inch gap in the front below the lid for the nesting boxes. I plan on filling it with a hardening putty and painting it. Having said all that I still love it and more importantly so do my hens! All 17 of them! I just installed the electrical/ heat package you sell and I highly recommend it!!!

Very torn so giving it 3 stars

Let me start off by saying that their customer service is Fabulous. The first chicken coop had some damage that appeared to happen during shipping so no fault of the company. Customer service responded to my email within 5 minutes! They were very helpful and sent a new base to replace the damaged one. The replacement base came in with a badly bowed base board. This is one of two boards on which the entire coop balances. From the way it was painted, it appears that it was bowed when it was assembled. Another board was damaged in shipping. Maybe it was the shipping company, but the entire base was just sat on top of a pallet (that lacked most of the cross boards) with no protection. I reached back out to the company. They seemed concerned but have not heard anything else back other than sorry. I pieced together the two bases that I now had to make one good one. I will say that the coop itself was easy to assemble after that, and it is very cute.

OverEZ® Medium Chicken Coop Kit (up to 10 chickens)

Great looking coop

Just got it unwrapped and preparing site now. See no problem with setting up and will work great for the girls

Home for my chickens

I’m very pleased with the workmanship of the coop

Family Loves

Just a beautiful coop! My mother just loves the new coop! Thank you for assisting us in building family memories!

Perfect for up to 4 chickens

I have 4 bantams and this coop is perfect for them. I wish it had one more roosting bar as the one included is just right off the tray level but it would be fairly easy to add one if I had enough motivation to do so :) Very happy with this little coop and very happy with the price!


Very fast shipping. Easy to assemble, Very well made, Chickens seem very comfortable. Thanks again.

Wish it had a ramp

I love the little hutch. Only improvement I had to make myself was to make a little ramp for my chickens. wasn't a big deal at all but I just wish it would have come with the hutch in the first place.