OverEZ™ Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Model#: AUCD
  • $319.00
  • $80.99 Savings

  • Product Description

    OverEZ Automatic Chicken Coop Door 

    Can be used with any of the OverEZ Chicken Coops. Also compatible with other chicken coops.

    Includes everything you need for quick and easy installation - just install the door using our step by step instructions.

    Power Source: This item needs a power source to operate. You can choose from the following: 1. Electric (OverEZ Chicken Coop has an electrical package for purchase) 2. 12V Battery (batteries not included) The Solar Kit and WIFI Kit sold separately.

    Comes with a Manual and a Timed Automatic Setting.

    Raise chickens with ease using the automatic feature. It opens and closes whenever you set the time to do so! Worry Free!

    Control Panel has internal memory to store settings in case of power loss.

    The door is made from heavy duty poly/aluminum which is water resistant. It will not rot or warp.

    The door is opened and closed with an actuator – no more strings getting tangled and torn!

    Comes with a 1 year full warranty (proof of purchase must be available to claim warranty).

    Size: 11 ¾” x 32 ¾”  Made in the USA.



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