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Chicken Coop Tractors

If you go by the technical definition of a chicken coop tractor, which is "a movable chicken coop lacking a floor", very few chicken coops would meet the criteria. If there is an actual housing structure, it almost always has a floor of some type.

Most people these days call any chicken coop with wheels a "tractor". If you go by that far more loose definition, we have many coops that fit that definition.

Here, we list coops that, although they have a floor, they also have a wire pen (or chicken run) permanently attached that does not have a floor. And, of course, they all are portable chicken coops. For further information on our chicken tractors for sale, scroll down the page to our FAQs section, which appears after the product listings. You'll discover that there really are more than two chicken coops that can be turned into chicken tractors on this website!

Chicken Coop with Wheels FAQs

Why would I want to move my chicken coop?

Anyone who has ever owned a chicken coop will tell you that chickens can really tear up the ground. If you value your lawn at all, you will want to relocate the chicken coop every few days; otherwise, the damage to your lawn will be permanent in the area that your chicken coop sits.

Yes, you could try to drag your chicken coop across the lawn without wheels, but, assuming it's not too heavy to do that, you'll probably do more damage to the lawn attempting that than the chickens would!

The only good solution is a truly portable chicken coop - one that has wheels!

Can I move a chicken tractor myself or will I need help?

The answer to that question depends on your physical abilities as well as how flat the ground is that your movable chicken coop sits on. The chicken coops with wheels listed here are relatively small and light, ranging from about 80 to 160 pounds. Keep in mind that the majority of the weight will be resting on the wheels as you tilt the structure up, so most people in relatively decent shape should be able to tilt them onto their wheels.

Of course, if the terrain that you want to wheel the coop over is not somewhat smooth, even the strongest person might have a tough time moving their chicken coop - with or without wheels.

Some people attach their chicken coop with wheels to a tractor style lawn mower or small ATV and move them around easily that way, too.

Are these the only chicken coops on wheels that you have?

The chicken tractors listed on this page are the only chicken coops that have pens permanently attached and that also have a set of wheels. Because you can customize OverEZ® and that one of those customization options is adding wheels to them, there are a bunch more chicken coops on this site that could potentially have wheels. In fact, OverEZ® chicken coops give you the option of adding wheels to their coops and their chicken runs so they offer the best portability options of all!

How many chickens can your chicken tractors house?

Wheels or no wheels, there are several factors that go into how many hens a chicken coop can comfortably handle. For more information, consult our basic guide for the number of square feet needed for each chicken or our more comprehensive buyer's guide, What's The Best Chicken Coop For Me?