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Chicken Coop Runs

A chicken coop run can be vital to the happiness and overall productivity of your chickens. The more fresh air and natural light hens get, the more their egg production seems to increase.

Chicken runs need to fit snug with their chicken coop; otherwise, predators will be able to get into not only the the chicken pen, but the chicken coop, too. The chicken runs listed here have been made specifically to fit certain chicken coops within that brand's products. All of our chicken runs list the coops they are compatible with just like all of our chicken coops that have a matching run, list that chicken run in its options section.

We have organized our Chicken Runs category so that you can use the left sidebar to filter the runs by brand and also by the number of chickens the manufacturers say they can accommodate. As we mention in our Chicken Coop Buyer's Guide, you shouldn't necessarily depend on the manufacturers' estimates. They can sometimes be a bit optimistic (the nicest way we could put it).

In addition, adding a chicken run - especially if it has a tarp over it - might expand the number of chickens your coop can accommodate. To see why, check out our guide about the number of square feet per chicken you need.

Below, are our chicken coop runs for sale. If you scroll further down the page, past the products, you will find the questions we frequently get asked about chicken runs.

Chicken Run FAQs

How Big Should My Chicken Run Be?

The size chicken run you choose definitely depends on the number of birds in your flock, but it also depends on the coop that it is paired with. You should definitely check out our Chicken Coop Buyer's Guide, where we discuss chicken run size as well as its relationship to the coop size.

You may also want to enter your chicken run from time to time. If that is the case, make sure you purchase a 6+ foot tall walk in chicken run - especially if you already have a walk in chicken coop. That is, unless you don't mind the back problems that trying to hunch around in a 4 foot tall run can bring about!

Can I Use These Chicken Runs with Other Chicken Coops?

Although fairly creative and handy people could probably get the OverEZ® chicken runs to work with other chicken coops, you'd be better off purchasing the Rugged Ranch Universal Wire Pen or the Rugged Ranch Universal Walk-In Pen (they are named "universal" for a reason). They have knock-out panels that allow them to be used with other chicken coops

That said, you should still do everything you can to make sure the fit is tight and that there are no gaps between the pen and your coop.

What Accessories Should My Chicken Run Have?

We think that all chicken runs should definitely have a cover. When your pen has a cover, it serves as an extension to your coop and can be a place for your chickens to get fresh air and light - even if it is raining or snowing.

You might also strongly consider adding a mesh floor to it. That way. predators will not be able to dig their way under the sides and come up inside, where your birds are.

Other possible add-ons include chicken feeders and waterers.

What Precautions Against Predators Do I Need to be Concerned With?

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your chicken run sits flush against your chicken coop and that there are no gaps between the two. If you want to be extra careful, you can stake the run and coop in place to make sure that they cannot be separated from one another or, with a little ingenuity, you can tie them together, as well.

Although it is not a concern with any of the runs we carry, you should also make sure that your chicken run is not "open air" - that it has a mesh top on it and not just side walls. Foxes, wolves and dogs are not the only predators you should be concerned about. Many birds of prey would love to swoop down and carry off your hens!

Every day, you should check around the run to make sure that no animals have been trying to burrow under it (unless you have a wire mesh bottom on your run).

Every few days, you should move your coop and run. This not only will help preserve your lawn, but it will defeat the efforts of any predators who got partially started tunneling their way in.