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Chicken Coop Accessories

There are all kinds of accessories that can be added to chicken coops. First and foremost are chicken runs, which give your chickens a safe place to forage and enjoy the outdoor environment. Getting fresh air daily seems to help with egg production, so the more fresh air, the better if you enjoy your farm-fresh eggs!

This category is not for chickens runs; though, they have their own category. Here, we list some of the smaller chicken coop accessories that you may wish to add - all kind of chicken coop must haves that will make both your life and your chickens' lives easier and more enjoyable.

Since the accessories listed on this page are meant specifically to be used with the coops or runs of the brands that make them, you will notice brand filters in the left sidebar so that you can refine the page to only the brand coop or run that you have. That doesn't necessarily mean that you can't use these accessories with other brands' products; it just means that they may not be guaranteed to work with them.

Below, you will find the various chicken coop and run accessories available for purchase. Please be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page, after the product listings, to see the questions we frequently get asked about our chicken coop accessories.

Chicken Coop Accessories FAQs

What if the Brand Coop or Chicken Run I Have is not Listed Here?

Although the accessories listed here were built specifically to work with that brand's coops an runs, it doesn't necessarily mean that they will not work with other manufacturers' products. You may have to modify a coop or run slightly in order to get them to work, however, which is not something that all people feel comfortable with.

For instance, the OverEZ™ Electrical/Heat Package will probably work with any chicken coop. Anyone living in the Northern states should definitely consider getting a chicken coop heater and even in the South, nights can get pretty cold during the winter months.

The OverEZ Automatic Chicken Coop Door, on the other hand, has a specific size and shape that matches the size and shape of all of the OverEZ™ chicken coops. You'd have to be pretty handy to retrofit your "other brand" chicken coop with a new door of a different size. Likewise, the OverEZ™ wire panels that go on the bottom of a chicken coop are made to exactly fit their coops and would be pretty impossible to use with most other chicken coops.

Then, there are the in-between products. If your chicken run has roughly the same dimensions, the chicken run tarps (canvas tops) will probably work fine with your run. The chicken coop and chicken run wheels may or may not work with your coop or run. The more mechanically inclined you are, the better the chance that you could get them to work, though.

Are There Any Other Accessories Available?

At this point in time, these are the only accessories that we have available for separate purchase.

That doesn't mean that they are the only ones; though, we list a whole bunch of accessories - particularly with the Horizon Structures chicken coops - that can be added while you are buying a chicken coop. Things like chicken coop feeders and waterers are among the options available when you purchase some of our chicken coops, for instance. Please be sure to check all of the available options to see the accessories you can add at the time you purchase a chicken coop and/or chicken run from us.