OverEZ™ Rugged Ranch™ 7’ x 8’ TARP for Chicken Run

Model#: CKTRP12
  • $162.50
  • $37.49 Savings

  • Product Description

    OverEZ™ Rugged Ranch™ 7’ x 8’ Chicken Run Tarp Highlights

    • Size: 7’ W x 8’ L – Fits 7’ x 8’ x 4’ Chicken Run and covers half of the 7’ x 16’ x 4’ Chicken Run
    • Keep your chickens cool and dry, yet have room to roam
    • Heavy duty canvas
    • Fits securely to the Run and wraps around the edge
    • Shipping Weight: 9 lbs
    • Shipping Dimensions: 13.5" × 16" × 3"

    Nobody likes to be stuck out in the rain and chickens are no exception. Give your birds room to roam while still staying dry with this Rugged Ranch 7’ x 8’ Chicken Run Tarp.

    Made of heavy duty canvas for OverEz™ by Rugged Ranch™, it is designed to fit securely over an OverEZ™ Rugged Ranch 7’ x 8’ x 4’ Chicken Run and wrap around the edges, you can also buy TWO of them and use them to entirely cover an OverEZ™ Rugged Ranch 7’ x 16’ x 4’ Chicken Run. You can also use just one to cover half of that 7' x 16' run.

    You may wish to securely fasten the tarp to your chicken run. That can be easily accomplished by threading zip ties (not included) through the provided eyelets in the tarp.

    Please Note: This tarp is designed specifically for the Rugged Ranch chicken runs mentioned above. Although you may also use them on other chicken runs, the degree to which they will fit snugly depends on the dimensions of that run. The OverEZ™ Rugged Ranch 7’ x 8’ Chicken Run Tarp is not guaranteed to fit securely on any other chicken runs.

    Check out the product demonstration video, below:

    Putting the Rugged Ranch 7’ x 8’ Chicken Run Tarp onto your chicken run couldn't get much easier. Nonetheless, here is the installation video:

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    Click here to view the OverEZ™ Rugged Ranch™ 7’ x 8’ Chicken Run Tarp specifications sheet.
    Click here to view the OverEZ™ Rugged Ranch™ 7’ x 8’ Chicken Run Tarp assembly instruction sheet.

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