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Horizon Structures™ Quaker Coop (up to 15 chickens)

Horizon Structures™ Quaker Coop (up to 15 chickens)

Horizon Structures™ Quaker Coop (up to 15 chickens)

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LEAD TIME: ~6 months (See "ready-to-ship" coops)

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*NOTE: Some product images include optional upgrades.

NOTE: Horizon Structures coops delivered to the Western United States also have an additional delivery fee not included in the price of the coop.

Horizon Structures™ Quaker Coop Highlights

  • Accommodates 12-15 chickens
  • Dimensions: 6' 4" L x 4' 3" W x 5' 9" H
  • Nest Boxes: 6
  • Hinged Nest Box Lid
  • Hinged Chicken Door with Latch
  • Detachable Wooden Chicken Ramp (painted/stained if selected to match coop)
  • Two 2 x 3  Wooden Roost Bars
  • 18" W x 48" H Lockable Access Door
  • 2 Windows with Screens & Vinyl Coated Mesh
  • Hinged Drop Vent with Latch and Vinyl Coated Mesh
  • Your Choice of Wood Siding: Pine Board & Batten or Tongue & Groove (stained or unstained) OR LP SmartSide (painted or unpainted)
  • Delivered fully assembled and placed in your location of choice

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to visit the Horizon Structures Options Tab on this page to see all of the different colors and options available.

Easily Horizon Structures' most popular chicken coop, the Quaker Coop has everything you nee to raise a medium size flock of healthy, happy chickens. It's as pleasing to the eye as it is functional.

Its six roomy nest boxes, which your hens will naturally share, are easily accessible without ever having to go inside the coop. Just lift the hinged lid and gather up your eggs. There is no need to secure the lid in place - it won't drop unexpectedly. Each one of the nesting boxes is approximately 12 " x 12" with a wooden sill in front to help keep nesting materials (and eggs or chicks!) inside.

Bright and airy inside, the Horizon Structures™ Quaker Coop has two large windows that have glass panes at both the top and the bottom. You can raise the lower pane from inside the coop to allow fresh air inside through its outer screen - just like you do at home! Vinyl coated wire mesh that is fastened securely to the coop's exterior covers the screened portion of each window, keeping your flock safe from predators.

A ventilation panel in the Horizon Structures™ Quaker Coop allows your chickens to get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Simply open the drop vent/window panel to increase ventilation. A handy latch seals it tight, keeping wind, rain and snow out. A Vinyl-coated wire mesh keeps predators out when the panel is open. It also has a roost bar that is approximately 22" from the floor and 7 1/2" from the back wall/ventilation window.

The chicken door has 2 sets of metal latches. One latch keeps the door tightly closed. The other secures the door in the "open" position. There is also a lockable "man" door with a twist handle (key included) for easy access to the coop.  It also comes complete with a detachable wooden ramp which is painted or stained to match the coop (if you elected to have a painted or stained coop).

2 sturdy roost bars give your birds a comfortable place to rest. The top roost bar is approximately 8" from the back wall and 26 1/2" from the floor. The lower roost bar is approximately 16 1/2" from the back wall and 22" from the floor.  The distance between the roost bars is about 10".

The Horizon Structures™ Quaker Coop has pressure treated wood legs and base that keep the coop elevated. This provides a shady spot for your hens and it keeps the inside of the coop house dry and cooler in summer.

Best of all, the Horizon Structures™ Quaker Coop is a breeze to clean. You can reach all areas of the coop with a broom without having to enter the coop at all.

Customize Your Horizon Structures™ Quaker Coop!

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to visit the Horizon Structures™ Options Tab on this page to see all of the different colors and options available. There, you will find details about the wide array of options available to customize your chicken coop:

  • Roof Type and Color
  • Siding Type and Color
  • Floor Type and Color
  • Chicken Run
  • Wheels for your Coop and/or Run
  • Automatic Chicken Door
  • Electrical and Solar Packages
  • Heating
  • Lights
  • Timer
  • Coop Cleaning Tray
  • Waterer
  • Feeder

PLEASE NOTE: Because these are special order custom built Coops, once the construction has started cancelling an order will result in an 80% cancellation fee.  

Horizon Structures Chicken Coop Options

Please Note:  Due to problems related to shortages of material orders can take up to 22 weeks to ship.

You get what you pay for in life and with Horizon Structures™ Chicken Coops, you get EXACTLY what you want - no more, no less!

The following options and upgrades are available for all Horizon chicken coops:

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the way that different computer screens render colors, we cannot guarantee that colors displayed online represent the true colors.


Shingle roofing is a standard on all chicken coops and is included in the price. The image, below, shows all of the available shingle colors you can choose from when customizing your coop:

Horizon Chicken Coop Shingle Colors

Metal roofing is an upgrade that is available in the following colors:

Horizon Structures Chicken Coops Metal Roof Colors

Siding & Trim Colors

Siding and trim paint is an upgrade. When you choose to have painted sides and trim, you get to choose both the siding color and the trim color from the following:

Horizon Structures Chicken Coop Siding & Trim Colors

If you elect to have stained siding, the following stain colors are available:

Horizon Structures Chicken Coop Stain Colors

Chicken Runs

Chicken runs will be stained/painted to match your coop. Prices apply to chicken runs shipped WITH coop. We do not sell Horizon Structures runs as a separate product.

PLEASE NOTE: Chicken runs require assembly. 

  • Mini Coop:  3' w x 4' l x 3' h
  • Mini 2 Coop: 4' w x 5' l x 3' h
  • Quaker & Dutch Coops: 4' w x 7' l x 3' h
  • Chicken Mansion & Super Coop: 5' w x 7' l x 3' h
  • Wheel Lift Lever Kit
  • Wire Footing or Floor
    • Enclose Area Under Coop with Wire 3 sides if ordered with a chicken run or 4 sides if ordered without a chicken run
    • Wire "Floor" for Chicken Run

Chicken Flooring Options

Wood is the standard chicken coop floor. You can also elect to go with the following moisture resistant chicken coop flooring:

Glasbord: Fiberglass reinforced white plastic panel with a pebble-like embossed finish. Durable and flexible it will not mold, mildew, rot or correct. Excellent resistance to mild chemicals and moisture. Ten times the cleanability, six times the stain resistance and twice the abrasion resistance of ordinary chicken coop floor options. Meets USDA/FSIS requirements. Click here to view the Glasbord Technical Data Sheet.

Epoxy: Resin/hardener mixture painted on the coop floor to form a rigid plasitc material that is strong and resistant to degradation. Easy to clean and durable.  Non-toxic. It is tan in color and looks like this:

Horizon Structures Tan Epoxy Floor


Different chicken coops have different wheel options. Here are what they look like for each coop:

Mini Coop (Wheelbarrow Style)

wheelbarrow wheels

Mini Coop & Mini Coop 2 (4 Wheels & Handle)

4 wheels with a handle

Quaker Coop & Dutch Coop (4 Wheels with Steering Handle)

4 wheels with steering handle

Quaker Combo Coop & Super Coop

The Quaker Combo Coop and Super Coop have a similar 4 wheels with steering handle as the above-pictured wheels for the Quaker Coop & Dutch Coop but because they are larger and heavier, the wheels are more heavy duty (sorry, no picture).

Cleaner Coop Tray

With this optional upgrade, your chicken coop includes a hinged access door with latches, removable tray(s) and vinyl coated mesh cage under the roost bars. All chicken coops except the Super Coop have a single tray. The Super Coop has two cleaner trays.

They look like this:

cleaner coop cage and tray

Electrical Components

Standard Electrical Package

This optional package gives you 1 light fixture with a 100 watt bulb, a switch/outlet combo with an inside mounting, and an exterior 3-prong plug:

chicken coop electrical package

Solar Powered Light

This light fixture comes with a switch and can be upgraded to a operate off a timer. The battery will power the light for 10 hours before it needs to be re-charged.

chicken coop solar powered light

Timer for Solar Light Package

Set your solar light to only turn on at certain times so that the battery does not completely drain before it can be recharged.

chicken coop solar light timer

Heated Roost Bar

Keep your chickens' feet warm while they roost.

Automatic Chicken Door

Basic Automatic Chicken Door

The basic automatic chicken door can be powered with 4 AA batteries or electricity. It allows you to electrically open or close the chicken door manually or set a timer to open and close it automatically at certain times of the day. 110V electrical plug included. Batteries ARE NOT included.

Automatic chicken door and panel

Advanced Automatic Chicken Door

The Advanced Automatic chicken door offers all of the same features as the basic automatic door but it also includes GPS functionality. This allows you to configure your door to your precise location, which means that you can choose to set it for up to 4 hours before/after sunrise and sunset. After configuring it, your chicken coop door will open at sunrise and close at sunset automatically!

Solar Package for Basic or Advanced Automatic Chicken Door

This allows you to run the door off of solar energy instead of batteries or electrical current.

automatic chicken door solar panel

Waterers & Feeders

Choose from a 1 gallon or 3 gallon waterer and a 3 pound or 11 pound feeder.

chicken coop waterers and feeders

  • Pressure-Treated Wood Legs and Base
  • 2 x 4 Floor Joist 16" On Center
  • 5/8" Pressure-Treated Plywood Floor
  • 2 x 3 Rafters with 7/16" Techshield Sheathing

Warranty Information

Horizon Structures™ provides the following warranty on their Chicken Coops and Options against manufacturing defects.

  • 30 year warranty on shingles
  • 1 year material warranty on everything from the floor to the roof
  • Lifetime warranty on all hardware - hinges, latches, window and partition grills
  • 15 year warranty on fasteners (double-dipped galvanized nails/screws and bolts)

In addition there is a Full Manufacturer's Warranty on the following building materials ...

  • Miratec Trim
  • Smart Panel
  • OSB

If there is a defect in your product, please notify Contact OverEZ™ directly.

Shipping Information


HORIZON STRUCTURES™ coops are custom made and do not ship out immediately. THE CURRENT LEAD TIME ON THIS COOP IS APPROXIMATELY 4 MONTHS. We will notify you of the lead time when you place your order.

Deliveries are normally made Monday thru Friday between the hours of 7am and 6pm. While it is difficult to give an exact time, the delivery company can usually tell you if your coop will be arriving in the morning or in the afternoon.

    We reserve the right to reschedule deliveries due to inclement weather or periods of extended rain in order to avoid endangering our drivers and equipment or damaging your building or property. Please call us directly to reschedule delivery if your ground is soft and you believe their truck and trailer would damage your property or make delivery exceptionally difficult for the driver.

    Even if you have not received tracking information, your order may have already been processed and shipped so if you need to make changes to your order, please do so immediately!

    You are responsible for reading emails we may send to you in a timely manner. We cannot be held responsible for emails that we sent that were not read on time or for delays to orders because we have not received a reply. In some cases, we may have no other choice but to use our best judgment if our emails are not answered and we will not be held responsible for orders that are incomplete, incorrect or canceled due to lack of response on your part.

    Please view our full shipping policy for further details.

    Important note about residential freight deliveries:

    All HORIZON STRUCTURES™ Chicken Coops are custom made and pre-built, meaning there is no assembly required on your part (Note: Chicken Runs ARE NOT pre-built so you do have a minimal amount of effort assembling those). The trucks back up to your prepared site and place the coop precisely where you want it.

    HORIZON STRUCTURES™ uses an F550-type truck. Their trailers range from 24' - 48' in size giving them the flexibility to transport several pre-built coops and a variety of add-ons.

    The normal delivery process works like this:

    • Building arrives at your property
    • Driver backs up to your prepared site
    • The trailer is raised, using a hydraulic system, to enable the building to slide off the back.
    • Using a winch, built in to the trailer, the driver moves the building about 1/3 down the length of the trailer so that the end is resting on the ground.
    • Next, the driver slowly pulls forward allowing the rest of the building to slide off the trailer and into position.
    • In the event that the building needs to be aligned or re-positioned, the trailers come equipped with a platform on the back. With the back of the building on the ground and the front resting on this platform, the building can be shifted up to 2' to the left or to the right before being placed completely on the ground.
    • Finally, all doors and windows are checked to make sure they operate properly and are not stuck or jammed due to the building being off level or any twisting of the building during set-up.

    In order to deliver the coop, please ensure that your coop site is accessible:

    • Please make sure that there is access over a driveway or across relatively level, solid ground to the area you want your coop to be placed.
    • Provide adequate clearance around any trees, plantings or other structures on the property.
    • If they can drive straight onto your property, any fence opening or gate needs to be at least 12 feet wide.
    • Overhead clearance should to be 14'.
    • 50' to 60' minimum drive-away area from the end of the shed after it comes off the end of the trailer. This should be as level as possible from pad site to ground level.

    IMPORTANT: If your site does not meet these requirements, we still may be able to deliver Please call us if you are in doubt!

    Please read the details about residential freight deliveries here.


    Returns & Refunds

    OverEZ™ chicken coops are not returnable. If your coop arrives damaged or with manufacturer's defects, we will be happy to assist you. Please view our full returns & refunds policy for further details.

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