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The Shed Yard Chicken Coop Options

All The Shed Yard chicken coops are customizable so that your chicken coop is exactly the way you want it.

The following colors are available for your roof shingles, siding and trim colors:

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the way that different computer screens render colors, we cannot guarantee that colors displayed online represent the true colors.


Shingle roofing is a standard on all chicken coops and is included in the price. The image, below, shows all of the available shingle colors you can choose from when customizing your coop:

The Shed Yard Shingle Colors

Siding & Trim Colors

Your choice of siding and trim paint is also included in the price of your chicken coop. The following colors are available:

The Shed Yard Siding and Trim Colors

Chicken Runs

There are 4 different chicken run sizes to add to your chicken coop from The Shed Yard. Some of them are tall enough for even very tall people to walk around in with head room to spare.

You can even add a tarp for wet days and wheels to your chicken run, making it as easy to move as a chicken coop with wheels:

6'6" W x 7'6" L x 6'3" H Chicken Run

6'6" W x 7'6" L x 6'3" H Chicken Run

6'6" W x 15' L x 6'3" H Chicken Run

6'6" W x 15' L x 6'3" H Chicken Run

7' W x 8' L x 4' H Chicken Run

7' W x 8' L x 4' H Chicken Run

7' W x 16' L x 4' H Chicken Run

7' W x 16' L x 4' H Chicken Run

Other Options

There other things you can add to your coop to make your and your chicken's life better:

Chicken Coop WheelsChicken Coop Wheels - Turn your chicken coop into a chicken tractor - a coop that you can move anywhere you want, anytime you want, by adding a set of 4 wheels to your chicken coop.

Moving your coop around the yard not only gives your chickens a new place to forage and graze, but it helps preserve the lawn where the coop is sitting.

Flip the Doors - Everybody's yard is different. Some people might have more room to the left side of their yard and less to the right or vice-versa.

The Shed Yard gives you the option of "Flipping the Doors" around. By default, standard doors come with the chicken door to the right of the nesting boxes. You can put them to the left, if you like by "flipping the doors".

The Shed Yard Coops - Standard vs, Flipped Doors

Shed Yard Electric PackageElectrical and Heat Package - This add-on package is the one that we hear "I wish I had added that" more often than any other option.

It comes with a heat lamp, light switch and two plug, three prong grounded outlet with 50 feet of electrical cord. (Some knowledge of electrical wiring is required.)

Shed Yard Automatic Chicken DoorAutomatic Chicken Door - As much as we all love our chickens, we can't always be around to let them in and out of the coop.

An automatic chicken door allows you to set a timer that will always raise and lower the door at pre-set times. This way, you can go about your life and know that your chickens are free to roam on a regular schedule.

Shed Yard Chicken Coop Wire PanelsWire Panels Under Coop - Make your chicken coop even more secure and debris-free by adding wire panels under the coop.

The Shed Barn wire panels cover all sides of your chicken coop, surrounding the runners.