Horizon Structures™

Horizon Structures Chicken Coops LogoFounded in the heart of Amish country in the early 1990s, Horizon Structures has been manufacturing sheds, storage buildings, horse barns and, yes, chicken coops for quite some time.

All Horizon Structures™ chicken coops are custom made; they aren't just sitting on the shelves, waiting to be ordered. All kinds of options are available to make the chicken coop EXACTLY the way you want it. Choose your coop paint or stain colors, whether it has wheels or not, add a run to it and tons of other customizations.

You may have to wait an additional 4 weeks for your chicken coop to ship but it will come fully assembled and when it is delivered, it will be placed precisely at the location on your property that you want it - truly white glove service!

Employing only Amish carpenters in a 65,000 square foot building, Horizon Structures has the space needed to assemble dozens of custom chicken coops simultaneously and they have the best warranty in the industry. The craftmanship is truly second to none!

When you order a Horizon Structures™ chicken coop, you are ordering the best made, longest lasting wood chicken coop that exists.

* Please see our note at the bottom of this page - after the list of products - that explains the shipping costs associated with Horizon Structures custom made chicken coops.

A Special Note About Horizon Structures Shipping

Although we ship standard, unassembled, stock chicken coops for free on this website, Horizon Structures™ chicken coops are custom made and delivered fully assembled. They cost far more to transport than the other brands' unassembled chicken coop kits.

Unfortunately, the further away a residence is from the manufacturer's Pennsylvania warehouse, the more it costs to transport an assembled coop on a long bed truck. Although they could have over-complicated things and made every single state's shipping rate different, Horizon Structures™ made things pretty simple. They drew a line from the Eastern border of North Dakota down through the Eastern borders of all states below it, through Texas. States East of that line do not have a shipping fee add-on and states West of that do have a shipping add-on fee. There is a state drop-down box on every Horizon Structures™ product page where it shows the add-on shipping fee for each state (if any).

That said, the truly "white glove" service provided by Horizon Structures™, where they deliver the fully assembled coop and place it precisely where you want it, is well worth it for most folks - even if they live in the western part of the country. Below, is a map that shows the dividing line for shipping add-ons for Horizon Structures™ chicken coops. All states that are shown in red cost more to ship to.

Horizon Structures Shipping Map