Hentronix Automatic door opener for side opening doors

  • $365.00

  • Product Description

    is product is made from the highest quality weatherproof products available - including brass,  stainless steel, and aluminum. It’s also ​self-locking​, which means predators cannot open the  door once the door is closed - guaranteed!   

    The kit comes with fittings, solar panel, fitting instructions, waterproof battery box, battery and  charger, and you can power it from​ solar power or socket power​ – everything needed to do this  is included! Runs using 12v power (superior to other automatic doors which use AA batteries) 

    ✅ Perfect for looking after your chickens’ safety if you’re going away on holiday, home from work late, or just fancy a bit more time in bed in the morning!

    ✅ Solar panel gives your unit power all year round using the best solar panels on the market. Comes with 3m of cable. Flexible, robust, and no breakable glass!

    ✅ Made from the highest quality weatherproof products available - including brass, stainless steel, and aluminium

    ✅ Self-locking - predators cannot open the door once the door is closed - guaranteed!

    ✅ Includes our new and completely unique design of solar panel, which itself comes with 3m of cable to ensure it can be placed in the best place possible! These solar panels are the best on the market, are very powerful, and have no glass to break!

    ✅ Comes with fittings, solar panel, general fitting instructions, and waterproof battery box

    ✅ Manual opening/closing feature

    ✅ Opens at sunrise and closes at dusk completely automatically. It’s possible to set a custom opening time after sunrise with this unit, or you can just let it do its thing! If you want to take more control, you can now completely customise so many opening/closing (and lighting!) options using our amazing new smartphone app (click here)!

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